Welcome to the CAA Semantic SIG Wiki

The CAA Semantic SIG Wiki is a collaborative repository of guidelines for implementing semantic solutions in archeology and related disciplines. 'Semantic' in this context generally refers to the suite of concepts and technologies advocated by the W3C at However, no presumption is made that any given technology will be applicable and/or suitable in all cases. Discussions related to this Wiki should take place on the Google Group mailing list:

The Wiki welcomes contributions from anyone interested in this field, especially those actively engaged in it. It is an evolving document by which to establish Best Practices through communal experience.

Guidelines for UseEdit

Pages should be set up for individual topics. Each page should be divided into 3 sections:


Questions or challenges for implementation

Best PracticeEdit

Solutions which are generally accepted as the best (known) approach. There should normally be only one Best Practice although there may be different Best Practices for different scenarios. In this case, the applicable circumstances should be defined. There should be links to two different external sources reporting successful implementation of the method. Outstanding issues should be listed where unresolved by the Best Practice.


Solutions that resolve or partially resolve such issues but are not yet accepted as Best Practice. Multiple solutions may be described and in each case, pros and cons should be listed if possible. Ideally there should be an external link to at least one source describing a successful implementation of this method.

Courtesy RulesEdit

We expect that opinion will not always be unanimous but please ensure that the following courtesies are adhered to:

  • When countering a previously stated solution or Best Practice, please link to an external source (ideally by a 3rd party) providing justification for the change. If this is not possible please discuss it on the list first.
  • Please mark the previous solution or Best Practice as DEPRECATED, rather than delete it altogether.
  • Please notify the list if you modify content created by others.

Thanks for using the wiki - please contribute and help to make it a useful resource for everyone!